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What’s to become of our time together?

I let my blog go to fallow the last few months. It’s interesting how in the information sector that is a recipe for certain death. Quite the opposite in the animal kingdom. Animals need rest, plants do better in soil that isn’t toiled in every season by the same kind of plant. I think you get my drift. This animal has been rather occupied in 2011 and I could use some proper pasture time at this point. In fact yours truly should be wrapping up some work right now in an attempt to get to bed before 3 and be up by 9am. I predict the likelihood of this scenario to be approximately 65% possible, with scattered showers, or something like that.

I have had a lot of negative stimuli the last couple of weeks. But we all have Clients from Hell for that relief. So I won’t compete here with perfection. In contrast the positive-averse events have resulted in a rather inspired new outlook. Which I shall now call boundary-pro. Read more