Mid Century Packaging WIN

Somebody spilled Mid Century awesome sauce onto my table!

Oh. My. God. Joy explosion over here! Not only did I start Russian lessons today. YAY! I also received this bundle ‘o joy via USPS today. 😀 Yep that’s an original Diana Camera, some “Gay-Lites” for xmas and an amazing bright red 8mm film editing station. Giggity! As far as I know everything is in working order. Expect super awesome future posts! Did I say Huzzah yet? Yeah you know it Huzzah!

Bouffants and beehives and falls oh my!

La Coiffure Nouvelle!

Bouffants and beehives and falls oh my!

beehive hive mind

Go Gay HairsprayThese amazing birds are courtesy of my somewhat odd ephemera collection. I found this slide in a black velvet sleeve, in a pell -mell box of photos and miscellany I bought at a thrift store. Lot’s of aspiring actress headshots, a few letters seemingly unrelated to the photographs, I even have some pamphlet on dinosaurs published in 1912. These ladies are much fresher than 1912, surely late sixties dames of high style. Mad props to my roommate for locating the film scanner I used to bring these lasses to light again. I don’t know what occasion would require them to all dress in white and feel the need to spend hours in the salon to perfect those rafter caressing styles but I bet it had a lot do with things like this.

I wonder what the art direction was for this? I will now speculate.

“Okay team it’s time to shake up the European market. We want to seduce those frogs. What we are going for is sultry, make that models hair a hero in the shot. Noir lighting you say? whatever that means son, your the pro that’s why I hired you. What was I saying? Oh right that coif should inspire the passions of men more than Joan of Arc did and make women feel like they could be Joan of Arc. Can you shoot it on red or black maybe, just make sure it’s sexy okay. You there graphic designer, what’s your name? Ted? okay got it. Now Todd we have an idea, imagine all of this french type coming out of her hair like wisps of hair. Oh and we wanted to let you know, we dig the kicky logo you designed last year. Get to it son, Wow us.

Don’t forget Go Gay girls are discovered first!”

Go gay girls are discovered first!

…by hot sailors with no legs

A shame really those are some sassy G’s Love the arrow point terminals! Get going then, you heard the man!