…A new kind of Democracy.

First things first howdy and hello or Здравствуйте! Should you actually be able to read Russian unlike yours truly. Hey thanks google.

Now that we have polite greetings out of the way, we must ask ourselves what’s going on here? Fair enough and although I don’t have definitive answers at this point I don’t mind so much telling you how I got here. Query one is usually “Why blog?” I have been advised from many a source, for a very long time that any creative worth their salt maintains a blog or does a fair bit of writing about their process. Without qualifying that expectation with actual reasoning and or facts, I must say I fully agree. So on to second question “What’s up with the Cold War theme already?” Well for sometime this is where my creative mojo has found it’s fuel. I’m fascinated by the creative work, political climate and social dynamics. God help my bank account nearly any material good made in the period is also my kryptonite, actually anything produced from the late 1930’s until pretty much the mid 1960’s. I suspect it is one of my few predictable traits, the whole mid century modern lust that compels many a designer to do what they do in varying degrees depending on the name of aforementioned designer.

So why then run the risk of basing my whole personal brand on what is most assuredly design history? Why not embrace the time in which I live? Well to that I say, I don’t think we’ve come so far in the most impressive sounding year of 2010. Oh Kubrick I know you would have been so disappointed, but hey, no HAL 9000 to muck up our space missions, yeah that’s right silver linings, we still have ’em. I mean if you want to get down to it we aren’t even all that keen on real science teaching in this country lately. We’ve even coined this brilliantly misleading term called intelligent design, We think that topic would surely have inspired a cinematic masterpiece on your part, alas. Oh sure we are still playing tug of war for smog mongering fossil fuels and staging pissing contests about who’s religion is right and who’s is wrong. Hell sometimes we still start wars about such things.

But I digress. Let’s start this literary tour de force shall we.

I mean how can you deny this, brilliant. Basically it’s “Your passenger planes is made by the same company that makes war machines” That’s a pretty good vote of confidence for the safety model methinks. And from a design standpoint, just look at it! I mean that’s a pretty static centered composition if not for the color, and the dynamism of the abstract linework which was surely to represent aerodynamics. Okay typography definitely up for discussion, I have to say that typeface Convair was set in is certainly ahead of it’s time!

I think what fascinates me and many others  is the omnipresence of fear in the cold war. Inside of all of the happy go lucky pop culture of the time is this undercurrent of terror, of certain annihilation. It’s what made the writings of Vonnegut so timeless. Life is mostly like that you know, there is this persona you put out in the world but inside and behind our closed doors there are all of those worries that keep you up at night, cause the arguments or keep you from taking chances. For the first time we had truly managed to make  the world around us in our own image. We were able to realize for it the possibility of total destruction.

Milk Bombs better than atom bombs

Milk …new weapon of Democracy!


I Don’t know about you but if a diagram like the one on the right was all over my e-mail, social networks, and posted around my neighorhood I’d start feeling a whole new level of anxiety too.

It’s amazing what creatives did with this though, maybe less so on this fallout “reassurance” diagram which is actually pretty terrifying. More with the Convair and Douglas aircraft ads. Promoting a feeling of safety of humanitarian effort even via the designs. All by visually representing the very same machines that might destroy entire lives, villages, cities, maybe the whole damn kit and kaboodle. Ah the power of propaganda design. That’s some mighty fine spin my friends.

This a test, only a test

And we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

While we are standing here let’s talk about how much we want this booklet to the left. Can you believe that? Just look at that awesome 2 color job, love that hint of mis-registration on the glove. A whole new meaning to the phrase “red right hand”, take that to the bank Johnny Cash.