Bourbon and time trade ups

Yes I have projects to work on right now and I definitely have personal branding which is obscenely out of date. I’m working on it. But at the same time with no pressing deadlines, I’m finding one of the most important things is to give myself some free brain space to process that work, and relationships of all stripes. All the things, everything that gets shelved when you are on a steady diet of deadlines and lack of sleep, those weeks on which survival depends on mainlining coffee.

I’m on Day 9 of starting every day with 10 minutes of meditation to start every day. Of the nine I had one very bad day after I had decided to try some red wine from Germany while drinking with the designers. While I already knew I cannot drink many red wines I ignored my better judgement. Apparently there is some issue with sulfides, my more booze educated friends tell me. Regardless I got everything I deserved for abandoning my one true spirit, spirit bourbon. Sorry about that and I won’t likely leave you again bourbon. Mostly because I don’t want to be one of those old broads carrying around a white wine spritzer. That just isn’t me.

As I am prone to do I digressed at length. In short I got up that day and meditated anyways. It went about as well you would expect with a gripping headache. I went back to bed an hour afterwards. The days following have been mostly positive. My next challenge is getting up an hour earlier so I can double the meditation time in good conscience and I can still manage all those bits I covered in paragraph one that pay my bills.

Here are the top 5 benefits I’ve seen in these few short days.

  1. It helps on those days I wake up with an anxiety. I used to go straight to my desk on those days and it was no good. I’d be discombobulated, make some panicky client calls and scattershot address emails. Now I feel a lot calmer when getting to my desk. And I take it one battle at a time.
  2. I’m definitely more aware of my self immolation to the work gods. Yesterday I had a project go south. In short a wordpress theme upgrade was mangled because frankly the developers are using dated infrastructure and still charging schmucks like me for an upgrade. I spent a full day when I’d budgeted no more than hour. I was not happy with myself. New rule, just like car repairs web dev can throw curve balls. Stop the work, call the client no more taking baths because someone else borked code.
  3. I am out of shape. There is this whole bit where they tell you to scan your body and take note of how you feel. In short I feel a couple of pounds heavier than I should be, probably dehydrated, my shoulders are tense from long hours at my desk. I could on but I won’t bore you. Again one battle at a time let’s start with drinking more water. I hear it told you are supposed to drink in the ballpark of a 3 litres a day. That’s like 12 cups right? That’s a lot. Why am I not a potato chip? Maybe I am… o_O
  4. You have the time just get off facebook. I am haunted by a hilarious Aziz Ansari skit. To whit I paraphrase him; Faceook is the WORST book ever, it has no plot, it has no end, it’s full of dumb content but you somehow cannot stop reading it. Truer words never spoken. It’ll also remind you that “oh hey there are photos of my friend partying with a dozen people on NYE, that friend who didn’t text me when they said they would and I waited for them until it was in all reality too late to enjoy the evening, (disclaimer: while I’m super grateful other friends took me in at the 11th it still turned out to be an awful NYE, where I got lost and cried on the freeway on the freeway home. I also take responsibility in that I should have made my own plans even though in fact I did have plans even if they were, staying home and watching the twillight zone by myself. I should trust myself and learn to say no). Cool.
    Facebook, twitter, insert social media client of the future here, can make you feel really bad. As if everyone is having a better time, making more money and more in love than you’ll ever be. Hogwash, I bet your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse is rad and your life is more like your facebook friends than you would guess. Don’t let the online illusion of someone’s happiness sour yours. Spend less time there. I have lots of awesome friends I should have been with instead that night and maybe so do you.
  5. I have a long way to go. I feel like at a future date that facebook moment where my friend was a total dick on NYE would roll right off me. And that will happen. I’ll also have a better handle on my anger because I’ll be doing more of what I should be doing not just taking a job because I feel bad turning it down. I went through the recession you know. That’s really hard to unlearn. All I know is I can totally do better, lots. And I will.

Your hard pressed to find a truly successful person that doesn’t practice some flavor of meditiation.

WAIT PAUSE! I just now got a message that friends secured Coachella tickets for us, right this bloody minute. I never thought I would go back. But LCD Soundsystem in the desert awaits. Now I’m going to bear down and make the monies to pay for it.

Meditation didn’t make that happen but it is an awesome reminder I have great love and awesome people in my life looking out for me all the time. Thanks for that today, I’m also enjoying your rainy weather. Go on with your bad self.

So in any case as I was saying, successful people schedule time for themselves. They understand the only way to be successful is to have perspective and to have that you have to reflect. I am not good at that because I work all of the time. Work is my safe place where I can push everything else that matters away and feel justified. I get that. Work has saved my sanity but I’ve also sacrificed my well being for it. It has always done what I needed it to but now the goal is figure out how to expand it’s benefits by making the time to be healthier and more aware of what I’m avoiding.

You have the time, trade it for something that makes you feel better.