Open minds and the quest for a clearer vision

Resolutions are a set up for failure, or so I believe, ergo I am not waiting to make changes on January 1st. Today I started morning meditation and I’m going to keep a daily log to see if it impacts my work, productivity and overall well being.

I try and make a trip every December, but I don’t travel enough to manage my jet lag well. I reflect too much as it were, and I don’t take on a lot of projects before the new year so I have lots of messy brain space to sort out. So I got a late start today despite best efforts, holidays muck up all the bits in my brain. Despite the mush between my ears I had assured my better half I’d revisit meditation with dedication. Who knows he may even convince me to install that 7 minute exercise app for my phone too but I doubt it. I loathe traditional “gym” exercises as they give me traumatic flashbacks to being a poorly adjusted child. I’ve blocked most of the memories but I distinctly recall dreading that hour (half hour?) of Physical Education as it was called back in the day but I digress, my childhood misanthropy isn’t the point of this foray back into writing.

So I got up kept my blanket on and started the headspace app. I was aware of the cold, blankie or no and I felt the heavy ache in my limbs and my deep breathing wasn’t nearly as smooth as it should be for someone who’s well rested and doesn’t smoke anything. I lamented the extensive stacks of papers and unfolded clothes I haven’t yet had the fortitude to sort in front of me. It was quiet and despite the disarray I was able to keep my brain pretty clear. While an uneventful 10 minutes I do think this this reentry to self awareness can be nothing but good. I’ll keep you in the loop.

As an aside you’ll note I’ve used my ancient blog as a test ground for an updated look for the Axis. I have no grand ideas for updating the main website but there will be changes coming eminently. Perhaps with every moment of self awareness I procure I’ll also gain a clearer vision.