Show your guts… ok maybe not if you are a suit.

If I could be anything professionally but what I am now, I would be a writer. The words of others have changed my life. Well written words, deeply emotional words or the very rare combination of the two… In a way I strive for the latter every day in my own fashion. I am not a writer, but when I do my own creative work, I’m hoping for that divine intersection in the Venn diagram between well executed and emotional. I consider it my “hedge the bet” plan. Right or left brained be damned, odds are there is something in there that will work for you.

I mean of course I don’t pull out my guts and smear them all over the business orientated enterprises. I don’t need people getting overly emotional over a tech document or search module. That’s just patently unnecessary if not deeply improbable.

If it is all yours though and it’s creating for creations sake. Just go all out, let it all out, get it all in there. This is how people will remember you one day when you are long gone you know.

Besides you might just help out a maladjusted kid like I was one day.