Let go and be lighter

There are problems in my life that are bigger than what I can fix alone. I don’t like that one bit but I am learning to accept it. What more can be said than that? I am also trying to remember that when I am sure I have run out of resources both within myself and around me I am always wrong. It isn’t worth staying in bed, it isn’t worth being angry, and it most certainly isn’t about feeling failure. It’s about finding what you need, to do what needs to be done. I’m learning to take a long hard look at such seeming insurmountable problems, maybe said problem isn’t worth trying to solve at all. Maybe it’s just time to let it go and move on to something you can work out.

I just imagined I was a fisherman who struggled for hours to land the perfect catch. But it slipped away just as I was dragging it into the boat. A flash of anxiety and frustration seemed certain to leave me ill-tempered for the rest of the evening. But the water was so clear in that in an equally brief moment I watched that perfect fish swim away as light from a late day sun glittered off the water and the clouds started turning purple. I paused, and was in that moment awed by the fish, and then the landscape. My arms were tired, my back sore but my head was clear.