How not to freelance in your skivvies

To be blunt a lot of the so-called advice for successful freelancing you’ll read online is utter crap. A good piece of it is full of generalizations in the most useless form of vague. At best it’ll be rife with platitudes. At it’s worst freelancing advice is chock full of unrealistic sunny disposition extolling the merits of wearing pajamas to your office desk. Can we please by the way STFU about not getting dressed to sit down to work. Nobody finds this business like or admirable so keep it to yourself. I’d argue it isn’t even that awesome and mildly anti-social. Because yeah why not work the day away with sweaty pits, uncombed hair and wrinkly jammies. That’s what every life partner looks forward to right? That piece of advice is a freebie, slacker chatter about how how you finally showered at noon for your 1:30 meeting. This will not make you friends with the 9 to fivers.
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