2011 is awesome

Momentum and the making of things

I like this time of year, it’s full of possibilities and I don’t know about you but it makes me feel bold. I feel like I can make decisions that eluded me in the meandering late months of the year prior. As if I have a responsibility to, yes you knew it was coming, turn this year up to 11. So maybe that means you give that douchey x his walking papers finally and tell him/her never to call you again. Maybe it means you’ll finally tidy up that train wreck of an external drive you’ve been meaning to catalogue or start a new project to fill an entirely new drive.

I think to classify this type of activity as “kept new year resolutions” is bunk though. “I resolve to call my mom more”, I resolve to put the dishes in the dishwasher after I use them”. None of us think that formally, okay that’s a lie someone thinks this formally I just don’t hang out with them. Even if such a thought should of crossed our minds I think we would probably classify it as little fun and awfully dull. I prefer to think of it as momentum, and you have to keep on keeping on a lot of the times without momentum. Look there is nothing wrong with that. Part of being a creative is realizing design (*typo but it stays ;)) intervention won’t save your butt or pay your rent most of the time. It’s about skill, developing a skill, and honing it to such a degree it becomes automatic for you. Sure it might not be in the MOCA by press time but at least you won’t suffer shame. It’ll be solid and professional.

This time of year… well it’s magic, because great things can happen when you have skill AND momentum. So shed some dead weight, personal or professional and clear a path. You’ll need some room to run and no point tripping yourself up on a bunch of old debris. Interweb hi-five fellow 2011 newbies see you at the finish line.

2011 is awesome

LA 2011

footnote: I totally pondered posting up a photo wall of horrible x’s and belittling them on my blog as a symbol of moving on. But then I remembered this blog is about awesome creative endeavors and inspiration, not obstacles. So you Jackholes know who you are and sorry I saw fit to deny you some press in favor of more rewarding pursuits. Peace and chicken grease. -E