Think Less, Do More

Today I had a brief chat with a friend of mine, and the summation was “you only have so much creative energy you can expel in a given number of hours.” I think for most creatives this is a frustrating reality. I have a couple of ideas however about how to maximize your returns. Okay really only have one today I’m sure I’ll think of more down the line.

1. it’s not new, this book has been out quite a while, buy it and read it and most importantly think about Stefan Sagmeister’s book “Things I have learned in my life so far “ if anything just find a copy for the beyond cool die-cut cover.

Seriously this isn’t a pitch, I make exactly zero dollars from this recommendation. Maybe like negative a quarter of my hourly rate if I include the time I took to write this post. If I had applied everything I gleaned in my first read… Well I dunno but nothing but good could have come of such an application

One of my favorite passages is “Worrying Solves Nothing”. I implore you readers, why is this so damn hard to remember? I’ve lost a lot of sleep this week from ignoring this one truism. Sometimes in my head (not out loud so as to avoid being mistaken for crazytown bound) I repeat “think less do more, think less do more, think less do more”. It works a lot of the time, and I kinda imagine this is what Yoda would tell me if he were a design instructor. (disclaimer: did he actually say that in the movie? If so I give credit where credit is due).

Please creative friends just do more I love seeing what you are doing and any creative victory you have is a victory for all of us. The more we stagnate, get tangled in fear, or dwell on that which we cannot control the less we’ll contribute to the collective. And in these times every bit is meaningful. I know you are way over hearing about “these times”. I get it, maybe you have a mortgage, children, rent to pay, groceries to buy, relationships that are working or not working. You know what the the best remedy is for all those trials and obligations? Being awesome. Yep that’s it, be awesome, do what you do best, do it a lot. Do it so much it’s as much second nature as walking is, or avoiding your landlord is. You know what I’m getting at. Oh and just so we are on the same page this is as much a pep talk for me as it might be for you.

So in summation, while we pray in the time we aren’t creating that they reactivate the WPA, thanks for the ear my friends and I’ll keep on keeping on over here.

What’s that? Okay yeah sure we can all raise fists now, I’m game.

Fist raised graffiti