Yes of course …Naturally.

Southeren Comfort NaturallyAh… is that a Eero Saarinen womb chair that dapper gentleman is kicking back in? Ooooo I’d so love to have that chair. This is a perfect mid-century ad dare I say. A beautifully relaxed and fluid script paired with a fine extended sans serif. Of course we can’t forget the beauty shot of the product. How much do I love that this whole ad looks so bright and inviting despite the whole thing being red and black! How does it not look like a goth liquor ad?! Marvelous… It goes without saying revel in that composite image of aforementioned dapper chap in his lounger and not to be overlooked neato side table. Look at it all relaxed over a fine dreamy riverboat illustration. Some poor schmuck had to mask out that swell photo to marry it to the “riverboat dream behind it” by …dare I say it I don’t know the how, did they make rubylith masks in 1958? In any case I could all but guarantee if you had to do it this way, youl’d surely have already thrown up your x-acto knife and pica ruler up in frustration.

While I was back home last month for my sisters wedding I happened upon the most amazing set of 8 “double old fashioneds”, as they were once referred to. Yep that’s 8 dreamy bar glasses. They were a promotional item for Southern Comfort. Back in the day before the interweb, folks would mail in some money to an actual mailing address. Several weeks later *bam* for a whole 4 dollars they had a set of highball glasses ready for the boozing. History lesson aside they are one of my new favorite things. Several weeks later my Mom sent along some neato “short” drink glasses with the nifty little feet.Turns out much to my surprise this whole promotion was issued a full 10 years after the ace of an advertisement above. Can you imagine just one year before the infamous summer of love. All hail 1968! Now that’s staying on message with a brand image! Riverboats for everyone, in fact until the current insipid “SoCo” campaign they were featured prominently surely to pay homage to the products southern roots. If you could locate a marketing director from the company to confirm my suspicion that would indeed be mighty fine.

Southern Comfort Riverboat glassesNow what are the chances I could get my mitts on some of those “Smooth Sailing” Cocktail naps and those stellar highball glasses. I’m putting it out there naturally.